Happy people
in successful organisations


You will find myHBMcenter literally in the middle of the Netherlands.
The place where our office is, where we receive our customers and where we provide our services, do our research, coach professionals and educate and train people.
HBM (Human Being Management) is an innovative management philosophy that encourages people through self-reflection to increase their awareness and subsequently increase their decision-making space and take the responsibility to take action.
We provide insights into patterns that lead to actually observable behavior and our deeper unconscious patterns.

What makes people act the way they do?
myHBMcenter delivers programs based on ACT, HBM and NLP, for the sustainable development of Individuals, Teams and Organizations. We do not only change the Structure and Culture but also the Nature of Organizations, we are focused on their Human Capital. Life-Long-Learning and Development requires programs for Unconscious Improvement and the best Intervention Methodologies.

The result: Happy people in successful organizations!

Interested? Contact us and let’s get started.


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