NLP meets HBM®

“What is the difference that makes the difference…?” That is the question that Richard Bandler and John Grinder asked themselves in the 1970s to analyse why some people are capable of being truly successful, and others are not. This led to NLP modelling. In a way, NLP is the ‘Principle of Success’. Bandler and Grinder mainly looked at the cognitive behavioural side of successful people: what do they do in their head, in what kind of mood are they when they are doing it and which kind of behaviour do they, consciously or unconsciously, adopt? The combination of NLP and HBM is a promising one. HBM Experience with Structure, Culture and Nature substantiates 40 years of NLP knowledge, experience and working with consciousness and unconsciousness. The best of NLP and the HBM philosophy are mutually reinforcing and provide even more added value.

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Who we are

myHBMcenter is also the only institute in the Netherlands where you can attend the entire NLP training, given by Dutch trainers. NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy in both our NLP Practitioner and our NLP Master Practitioner course. Petra van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Janneke Verbakel and Eelco Wisman have been providing all NLP courses since 2001.

Where we come from
In 2001, Eelco Wisman founded OUTWISE, the agency for NLP education, training and coaching. Since 2005, Janneke Verbakel and Eelco Wisman have together put their backs into OUTWISE. In 2009, Eelco became the first Certified Master Trainer of NLP in the Netherlands. In late 2015 they learned about ACT® and came into contact with Eduard Baas and Rudie Nijhof. They were touched by them, the HBM philosophy and the ACT® measurement. The relationship with Eduard and Rudie has resulted in the merger of the two companies into myHBMcenter.

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