HRM becomes HBM

We believe that people are more than their external behaviour. At work, people are not human resources, but human beings. We coach organisations that wish to make the transition from HRM to HBM. That want to see the whole human being, including their unconscious. We turn ‘Human Resource Management’ into ‘Human Being Management’. We do this on the basis of our unique Analytical Competence Tool (ACT®).


Nature as a third layer

Most organisations comprise a ‘structure’ layer and a ‘culture’ layer. HBM, however, adds a third layer: ‘nature’. This underlying layer represents aspects of both humans and organisations that no-one is aware of, such as employees’ hidden talents. Devoting attention to this ‘nature’ layer allows an instruction to change into commitment, a solution to change into a criterion, and authoritarian power to develop into strategic strength. The time is right for a transition from HRM to HBM. The result? Happy people in successful organisations.

E-book Introduction to Human Being Management

The ACT® measurement

Our ACT® measurement will reveal all kinds of things about yourself. The Analytical Competence Tool (ACT®) is a unique measurement method that addresses the whole human being. This measurement tool provides direction for development issues. ACT® goes beyond visible behaviour and cognitive thinking. ACT® uses words and extensively tested images. It is this combination of words and images that makes the ACT® measurement unique. ACT® holds up a mirror. It allows you to discover who you really are and how this limits, empowers and determines your day-to-day life. ACT® shows you the difference between living and surviving.

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