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Burnout is a trending topic. Scientists, reporters and the media have fastened upon the subject. Facebook is full of burnout stories. There are dozens of websites where you can take tests to see if you are suffering from a burnout. Thousands of scientific studies are trying to demonstrate the cause of burnout, but are not very successful in finding it, as 96% of all studies are aimed at external factors.

Eduard Baas has been working for almost 20 years on the question of how internal factors impact external behaviour. In doing so, he links unconscious internal influences and patterns to the susceptibility to burnout. Disregarding external factors such as workload, workplace and the like, he looks at internal causes that could demonstrably explain susceptibility to burnout. He is the first to approach the issue in this way.

Are you up to accepting his innovative theories? Decide for yourself. Can inner patterns really determine your sensitivity to burnout?

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