Who we are

Who we are

Based on experience, we all share the desire to offer more Human Being value, making us an important player in the field of personal development. Meet us and discover who we are.
Where we come from
In 2010, Eduard Baas and Rudie Nijhof set up ACT®ME, the agency for sustainable organisational development, innovation and efficiency improvement through personal development. One of the developments of ACT®ME is the Analytic Competence Tool. This innovative tool measures unconscious motivations in organisations, expeditiously revealing chances and failure risks. ACT®ME also described the HBM philosophy on the basis of the firm belief that sustainable development of people and organisations can only be achieved by including nature (unconscious processes).


Based on the passion of transitioning Human Resource Management into Human Being Management together with companies, we started specialising in the accreditation of professionals in HBM and ACT®. Meanwhile, we have set up myHBMcenter together with innovative entrepreneurs and leaders. Together with more than 300 active HBM professionals, we work on the development of individuals, teams and organisations.

The HBM philosophy

  • was developed on the basis of the body of thought of C.G. Jung, A. Adler and C. Rogers
  • is active internationally and available in multiple languages
  • is propagated by a network of over 300 HBM Professionals

Meet our team

Meet the founders