HBM Research

myHBMcenter facilitates the development of customers by offering in-depth knowledge. It is our mission to study unconscious direction of people and organisations and share our knowledge. We do this on the basis of our belief that people are more than just their behaviour. If they are open to HBM, people in organisations can develop their as yet unknown talents, making them happier and the organisation more successful.

HBM Research is founded on three pillars:

  1. Collecting knowledge (research and development)
  2. Documenting knowledge (books, articles, measurement tools)

  3. Propagating knowledge (workshops, symposiums)

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All books and booklets on HBM, ACT® and NLP that have been published to date can be ordered here. You can also buy the exercise books that are used for our HBM Professionals accreditations here.

  • Introduction to HBM (Human Being Management) English translation
  • An Introduction to Ground-Breaking Burnout Management English translation

Exercise books (can only be ordered for HBM Professionals by logging in here)

  • Accreditation ACT® Individual
  • Accreditation ACT® In-Depth
  • Accreditation ACT® Team