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Teams mirror the organisation. Does the individual human being suit the organisation’s vision? That is why we coach and assist individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

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Individual HBM Coaching

Do you have a specific question about personal development? Are you looking for more in-depth knowledge? Are you having success but are you no longer in touch with what truly motivates you? Are you aware that the answers are within you but that you have not been able to find them yet? HBM coaching could offer you the solution.

Our Certified HBM Coaches will coach you through an individual process to use your natural talent rather than your performance strength. Every process starts with an ACT® measurement. Discover your hidden talents!

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HBM Team coaching

Is cooperation with the team difficult? Are there frequent conflicts between team members? Does it appear that the team no longer adheres to the company’s mission and vision? Does the team do what is expected of it or does it lack competencies?

Our Certified HBM Team Coaches will be pleased to help your team. Every process starts with an ACT® Team measurement.

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HBM Organisational advice

Would you like to develop your organisation further and do you need new growth opportunities? Does it appear that the mission and vision no longer match the people working in the organisation? Is the management model no longer up to date and future-proof? Is (mental) absenteeism high within the company?

The dynamics of organisations is changing. More organic processes are emerging, in which, unlike in linear processes, not everything is known beforehand. In addition, teams are becoming more multidisciplinary, with several professional disciplines, each with their own culture, working alongside each other. In order to bridge the gaps and leverage the diversity, people must feel safe and confident that they don’t have to know everything.

How can you prepare people for this?

The added value of Human Being Management as part of HBM Consultancy is that we help you understand the unconscious part of your organisation. This collective undercurrent runs parallel with the unconscious direction of all your employees. This solves the secret of why one organisation is successful while others are not. A successful company is in a flow, and employees really do make the difference.

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HBM Talent Selection

Based on HBM, we see that employers need innovation as well as more in-depth knowledge as regards the selection of (new) employees. Selecting the right people forms the basis of an organisation’s success. This requires an effective selection process. Holding on to and developing staff now and for the long term is becoming increasingly important, particularly in today’s job market. All-round professionals are hard to find in this day and age. Gain understanding of the (natural) development potential and future job opportunities of new and current staff. By looking at employees as whole human beings instead of as resources, employees’ talents are done full justice in a job that really suits them. Talents will be utilised and organisations become successful.

HBM Talent Selection offers the following services:

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