What we do

What we do

myHBMcenter studies and analyses the whole human being; how do unconscious inner factors influence people’s external behaviour? We provide training and accreditations for professionals who want to use the added value of HBM, NLP and the ACT® measurement in business. We provide coaching at different levels, such as individual coaching, team coaching, burnout coaching and executive coaching. Our trained consultants coach and advise your organisation on ongoing development and growth based on consciousness-raising.


With which we can help you


myHBMcenter facilitates the development of customers by offering in-depth knowledge. It is our mission to study unconscious direction of people and organisations and share our knowledge.


Training & accreditation

myHBMcenter offers a broad and versatile range of accreditations, education and training for coaches, HR professionals and managers. All accreditations and courses offer personal experience in addition to knowledge and skills.


Coaching & advice

Teams mirror the organisation. Does the individual human being suit the organisation’s vision? That is why we coach and assist individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.
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